Why Is Tech Support Comedy popular In North Korea?

On the off chance that you’ve each attempted.

to get administration on your PC, you will welcome this site which is loaded up with technical support ghastliness stories that would cause the most stalwart purchaser to wince. This site is devoted to giving some entertainment to those working in the technical support field, just as giving a discussion to the fatigued tech fellow to vent disappointments from perhaps one of the most exasperating employments in the industy. It isn’t intended for the shopper, despite the fact that perusing it will give you a genuine investigate what the tech folks are experiencing on the opposite finish of the phone.

It highlights stories, jokes and venting about what’s going on the opposite finish of the help line:

Dumpster Diving

SF calls saying that her printer has a “No Print Head Installed” cautioning on her LCD screen. Did a bit of examining (alright, I’m lying) and *surprise*, the print head wasn’t introduced. I inquired as to whether there were any additional parts in the crate her printer came in (I anticipated that her should state truly, on the grounds that this is a truly regular call, obviously, the black box that accompanies the printer is consequently thought to be “additional ink”). She said she didn’t have a clue.

All things considered, where is the crate, I inquired. I discarded it as of now. Indeed, you’re in a bad way, I contemplated internally (the print head piece costs more than the printer). I disclosed this to her, she glances out her window at the dumpster she tossed the case in. I want to in any case observe the container, she lets me know. She at that point, takes the cordless telephone, goes down the stairs, up the road and carries me with her as she dumpster plunges for TWENTY minutes.

I put my telephone on quiet and changed it to speaker,

my entire line nearly kicked the bucket of chuckling and despite the fact that it’s buzzword (this truly occurred) we even heard a feline shriek out of sight after she (I’m speculating) tossed trash on it. SF finds the print head and we get her printer working . This is the best call I’ve at any point had.

“It’s not f****** advanced science” said by me (quieted) to the last blockhead who expected to have me go over the reboot procedure (power cycle modem and switch, restart PC) 5 (that is FIVE) times after she brought in to have another switch macintosh added to her web modem account. Apologies, I’ve had a string of idiotic calls today. I need that T-shirt for xmas, lol.

They have various slick items in the event that you work in the specialized help field. It’s publicized this way: The Tech Support Comedy Store “contains items that are exceptionally compelling

to individuals that wok in the region of specialized help.” What does this mean?

More bizarreness than I’d prefer to consider including things like a connect to the Red Swingline Stapler site unexpectedly called They likewise have some extremely extraordinary T-shirts with clever expressions like, “I worked in technical support and all I got was this inept shirt,” on the front, and “…and your charge card number” on the back. During circumstances such as the present, that is interesting and enigmatically upsetting. Who realized that technical support people’s sideline business is trick theiving slime balls – well the abbreviation is the equivalent.

Another shirt that is ensured to leave you warm and fluffy peruses “I get paid for tech support…” on the front, “…I don’t get paid to mind” on the back.

Technical support Comedy is out and out entertaining, and whether you’re an IT individual, a corporate official with a disappointed tech fellow on staff fixing your PC and muttering under his/her breath about how dumb you are, or only a janitor who purchased a $299 after mail-in refund Dell vanilla PC, you’ll discover amusingness and laughs worth the stumble over to the site.