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We referenced back in May.

that Turkish excellence and amusement sovereign Hülya Avsar has had her depreciators. In any case, it wasn’t as of not long ago that they started arranging against her in such numbers. Also, they wouldn’t fret playing unpleasant either.

For example, the very much regarded (and normally liberal-disapproved) female paper reporter Ayse Arman opened her enemy of Avsar assault in late September saying, “I don’t slip to Hülya Avsar’s low class!”

That comment came after a progression of trades between feature writer Arman and the free lipped performer that started when Avsar offered the politically charged expression that, “Turks who need to make a different state ought to feel free to do as such. Let them live the manner in which they need to live. For instance, if Kurds need to build up a Kurdish state… it’s like Turkey’s craving to join the European Union.”

At the point when she heard Avsar’s comment, Arman riposted,

“There are a few people in the entertainment biz whose mouth-zipper is broken!”

Arman included, “Avsar should adhere to what she’s acceptable at…beauty, acting, singing, engaging – and being adorable. Be that as it may, with regards to political subjects, particularly substantial political issues…then I state, ‘Hülya… Fend off, lady!'”

These words normally agitated Ms. Avsar, and she returned with her very own salvo. “Ayse Arman expounds a lot on sex in her paper segment. She has lovemaking, and such, on the cerebrum. All things considered, she additionally tries doing she proposes for others to do. She tempted the spouse of a lady companion of mine – and separated the couple’s marriage. On the off chance that I enter legislative issues,

I’ll delegate Arman as the ‘Clergyman Responsible for Breaking Up Happy Marriages’.”

What’s more, in Arman’s news-segment the following day entitled, “Take a gander At This Nasty Talk” Ms. Arman countered, “I’ve taken in moral exercises from nearly everybody I know – at once or another. The one exemption is Hülya Avsar…who, with an individual history like hers, has nothing to show me or any other individual – in the ethics division.”

Arman concluded…”I assume dear perusers, that you’re anticipating that me should fire back at Ms. Avsar, aren’t you…? All things considered, I’m worried I’m going to disappoint…and leave her conversing with herself in the drain where she has a place!”

Furthermore, it’s not simply Newspaper.

Columnists who’ve been having a field day with Ms. Avsar recently. Her friends in the diversion business also are joining positions against her…Section 3 – Hülya Avsar Becomes Gossip-Fodder For TV Talks ShowsSnap following to get to a completely showed HTML rendition of Girl Fight !!